“A holistic listening experience.”

“What the world would sound like
if it were an instrument.”

“I cried, laughed, and tried to
write my own poetry to this music.”


Greg Manning

Once in a lifetime…, the phrase instantly conjures up the uniqueness of a thing deemed not just rare but extremely rare. “Between the Sun and the Moon” is such a musical compilation. Greg Manning has created a melodic masterpiece that, true to his nature, defies classification. Manning’s acoustical journey transports the listener over vast terrains, through diverse cultures, and into a global wonderland. You will not remember when your imagination took over and began painting visions on the canvas of your mind.

“Between the Sun and the Moon” is nothing short of a legacy piece. Every artist, writer, musician, singer, dancer, creator of beauty – dreams of being a conduit to that one creative expression that will live in the world long after they are gone. This, a decade in the making, represents that for Greg Manning.

So many aspects of “Between the Sun and the Moon” are singularly rare. First, it is a full CD in an age when singles and EPs rule. Second, it blends, quite beautifully, musical genres in a world where we have learned to keep everything, including our music, neatly separated. These categorically derived boxes are designed to make it easier to organize and find the music we love. Unfortunately, like humans, putting genres in boxes also makes it difficult for them to transform and evolve.

Then, there is the investment of time and the test of a creative’s patience. It is indeed a rare thing for a man to devote years of his life to a project when he can see no end at its beginning. To invest in creating a work with no idea of who the audience will be or where he will find them – is trying. To step out on faith, trusting that the thing you have been called to create must have a place to exist; to feel in your heart something your mind struggles to understand – is to live in that space where what had been unbelievably inconceivable has found a place to become real. That place is “Between the sun and the moon.” 

written by Dr. Lisa Summerour

Thanks to translators Toni Wachter – German,
Ken Yazaki – Japanese, and Adriana Barriga Green – Spanish.
Downloadable versions are provided below.

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Original image

CD cover design
by Lisa Summerour